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I understand that my membership to N.C.P.L.A. is good for one (1) year, (August 1st thru July 31st) and that I must re-new my membership every August 1st in order to continue receiving the benefits and discounts of the association.
Please make checks payable to: North Central PA Landlord Association

Annual membership dues: $36.00 8/1/2015 thru 7/31/2016)

Upon receiving your Membership Application / Renewal, your 1 year membership card will be sent to you.

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How many units do you manage?
Are you considering buying properties this year? YesNo
Are you considering selling properties this year? YesNo
What aspect of being a landlord concerns you the most?
Do you have forms that you use in your rental business that you would be willing to share with the N.C.P.L.A.?
(if YES, please send the forms with this application or email them to
Would you be willing to hold an office or help with N.C.P.L.A.?YesNo

Do you know other landlords who may be interested in benefiting from the N.C.P.L.A.?

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