About Us

In 1996, a dedicated group of Landlords from Ridgway decided to share their experiences with each other and anyone else interested in learning more about property management. Dave Olson, Diane Schloder and later Rick Homer, were the driving force behind this fast-growing group. They undertook a major membership drive in 2005 and grew the membership from 60 to over 200. The NCPLA has landlord and associate members from ten counties in Pennsylvania.
The purpose of the organization is to educate landlords on current trends in rental management and property improvement. There are 5 meetings each year. The annual member appreciation dinner is in October. We have speakers on a variety of topics including: HUD, Fair Housing, Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications, Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law, Local Law, Leases, Taxes, Marketing Units, and many more. The most invaluable education is what we learn from each other.  We bring our best practices as well as troublesome cases to the table.
The group recently reorganized and plans to develop and promote even more programs and benefits for its membership. It’s an exciting time to be working together to improve the knowledge of landlords and help each other have the highest quality properties in the area. As we all know, our properties can set the tone of an entire neighborhood or community.


Board Members

Brad Hauber



Amy Auman

Vice President


LeAnn Meyer

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Educate the Landlords of North Central Pennsylvania.  We serve the interests of landlords, property managers, real estate owners and apartment building owners in Northern PA.